Chocolate Ganache, IRCA Chocosmart Cioccolato - 11Lb Pail

Chocolate Ganache, IRCA Chocosmart Cioccolato - 11Lb Pail

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Chocolate Ganache, IRCA Chocosmart Cioccolato, 5Kg (11 lbs) Pail

Enjoy this irresistibly delicious dark chocolate ganache.

· Main Ingredient is Chocolate

· Melt and pour over cakes for final coat.

· Can use melted or whipped. If whipping it, you don’t need to melt first, put straight in mixer bowl.

· Melted can be used for dipping strawberries, eclairs, cake pops, rice crispy treats and filling tart shells.

· Melt ganache and mix in warm water to create mirror glaze type look.

· Sets very quickly in refrigerator, 15 minutes 

· Resilient to reheating multiple times. Can reheat over and over without any change to consistency.

· Mix white and dark ganache to create a custom milk chocolate ganache blend.

· White ganache can be colored using candy colors.

· 1 Year shelf life.

· Freeze/thaw stable.

Made in Italy. Kosher & Halal